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Maryland State Bar Association
520 W. Fayette St
Baltimore, MD 21201

(410) 685-7878
(800) 492-1964
(410) 685-1016

MSBA Officers

Michael J Baxter
President - Elect
Debra G. Schubert
Hon. Pamila J Brown
Sara H. Arthur

MSBA Directors

Executive Director
Paul V Carlin
Director of Administration
Tamra Jackson - Responsible for internal administration
Director of Communications
W. Patrick Tandy - Oversees publication of The Maryland Bar Journal (six issues per year) and The Bar Bulletin (monthly newspaper); responsible for all media relations and public awareness projects.
Director of Continuing Legal Education
Andrea Terry - Manages the department responsible for working with the MSBA Sections to develop and implement the necessary continuing legal education programs that keep Maryland lawyers current in their practice areas, while meeting the quality standards that enable the department to maintain its accredited provider status with the surrounding mandatory CLE states. 
Director of Information Technology
Lawrence J. Hicks - Responsible for Membership Records, MSBA Computer Systems and various other MSBA technology systems.
Director of Law Office Management Assistance
Patricia A. Yevics - Provides assistance to lawyers on technology, law office management and starting a solo practice.
Director of Legislative Relations
Richard A. Montgomery III - The role of the Legislative Office is to manage and coordinate a comprehensive advocacy program for the Maryland State Bar Association and each of its Sections and Committees. The primary responsibilities of the Director include policy research, and providing support to MSBA Leadership, Sections and Task Forces in the area of public policy development and advocacy.  The Director prepares written testimony for MSBA, and often testifies before Committees of the Maryland General Assembly.
Director of Meetings and Bar Liaison
Wanda A. Claiborne - Responsible for the MSBA's Annual and Mid-Year meetings and bar presidents conference and the professionalism courses.
Lawyer Assistance
James P. Quinn - Director
Provides assistance to Judges, Lawyers, Law students, and Staff with problems that affect work productivity.
Associate Director of Continuing Legal Education
Joanne Daniels - Directs the CLE publications operation utilizing a volunteer corps of experienced and respected practitioners, judges and professionals to publish over 60 practice manuals, handbooks, and accompanying forms on CD that address more than twenty discrete areas of law, helping Maryland lawyers improve their practice and professionalism.


MSBA Staff

(Listed By Services) Alphabetical Listing

Annual & Midyear Meetings, Conferences & Professionalism Courses Phone Extension
Wanda A. Claiborne  3022
Amy Turner 3015
Annual & Midyear Meeting Exhibits
Wanda A. Claiborne  3022
Amy Turner 3015
Annual Report
Bryan Nichols 3027
Bar Bulletin
Bryan Nichols 3027
Board of Governors/Executive Committee 
Paul V. Carlin 3020
Denise Williams 3018
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Patricia Mack 3031
Daniel Kadiri 3032
Tamra Jackson 3019
Courthouse Photo I.D. Badges
Angela Munro 3016
Continuing Legal Education
Andrea Terry Director of Continuing Legal Education 3034
Joanne Daniels Associate Director - Continuing Legal Education 3056
Ashley Lee Educational Program Assistant 3033
Ogenna D Agbim Legal Editor and Publications Assistant 3055
Shawn Witherspoon Publications Assistant n/a
Ethics Opinions
T.B.A.  Subscriptions 3026
Theresa Michael Individual Opinions 3017
General MSBA Inquiries 
Information Technology
Lawrence J Hicks 3010
Information Technology Assistant
John T. Broaddus, III 3013
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Law Office Management/Technology (LOMA)
Patricia A. Yevics 3039
Law Office Management/Technology Assistant
Nicholas Clash 3038
Lawyer Assistance Committee
James P. Quinn 3041
Lisa Caplan 3042
Legal Vendor E-Mall Contact 
Allison Zippert - Network Media Partners 410-584-1959
Richard A. Montgomery III 410-269-6464 301-858-5353
Local & Specialty Bar Relations
Wanda A. Claiborne  3022
Maryland Bar Journal
W. Patrick Tandy 3025
Maryland Lawyers' Manual
Bryan Nichols - Editor 3027
Ashia Nnorom - Communications Assistant 3028
Invoices or Previous Orders - Accounting Department 3031
Individual Address/Phone Changes - Membership Department
(in writing or E-mail)
Media Relations
W. Patrick Tandy 3025
Membership Records 
Lawrence J. Hicks 3010
Bernadette Y. Simmons 3011
Carolyn D. Jones 3012
John T. Broaddus, III 3013
To Change Mailing and/or Billing Information
To Change Email Address
Public Relations
W. Patrick Tandy 3025
Lisa Muscara 3026
Ruth Hooper 3024
Section & Committee Meetings & Mailings
Theresa Michael 3017
Section Newsletters & Communications 
Bryan Nichols 3027
Solo and Small Firm Conference
Patricia A Yevics 3039
Website Coordinator
Tanya Roberts 3037
Website Assistant
Daniel Pixton 3036

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