FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 22, 2004
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 The selection of judges must be dedicated to placing and retaining persons of the highest quality of character, integrity, judicial temperament and learning on Maryland’s bench. To achieve this goal, state judges need to be appointed on the basis of merit. Maryland’s current sitting judges have been evaluated, selected and appointed because of their judicial characteristics, quality and merit. This is why the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) supports the current Sitting Judges for the Circuit Courts of Maryland.

MSBA has consistently endorsed the retention and selection of Sitting Judges for Circuit Courts of Maryland. These Sitting Judges have been found to be qualified by a Judicial Nominating Commission and were selected by the Governor of the State. These esteemed members of the bench have earned the confidence, respect and support of the Bar.

Maryland citizens are fortunate to have judges who are well respected and of the highest caliber. To preserve this tradition, MSBA’s Board of Governors approved a resolution on September 21, 2004, endorsing the incumbent Circuit Court Judges in Maryland. The Association is announcing its support for the Anne Arundel County Sitting Judges:

The Honorable David S. Bruce
The Honorable Michele D. Jaklitsch
The Honorable Rodney C. Warren


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