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May 14, 2009
Contact: Janet Eveleth
Jason Zeisloft
(410) 685-7878
Release No. 09-007


            Two middle school students and a young attorney are the winners in the Law in your Life video contest presented by the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) as a public education program this spring. MSBA sought three minute videos creatively capturing the essence of the law in the individual’s or group’s daily life. The winners in the “under 18-year-old” category, Christy Cwieka, Andi Cwieka, Paget Barranco and Peyton Barranco, submitted a creative video of a newscast, the winner in the “over 18” category, Mitch Rothenberg, a young attorney, offered insight into everyday law with a yoga video. The winners in each category will be awarded a $500 cash prize at MSBA’s Annual Meeting in Ocean, City, Maryland, on June 13.

            A total of 10 creative and imaginative videos, offering unique perspectives of how young people view the law and its impact in their daily life, were submitted and previewed at MSBA’s Law Day program on May 13, where the winners were announced.

            MSBA launched this video contest last fall to enhance Marylanders’ understanding of the law and help them better understand our justice system and their role in it. The videos offer unique perspectives on the way young people view the law.

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