Bar Bulletin

December, 2004

By Janice Jones-Branch

Encourage a Student,
Paralegal, Law Office Assistant or Law Office Administrator
to Become an MSBA
Associate Member

The Associate category of MSBA membership was developed to encourage participation in the MSBA from law students, law office assistants and law office administrators. Most MSBA publications, MSBA Sections, departments and vendor discounts are applicable to Associate members.

Associate member students are eligible for free members in the MSBA Young Lawyers Section. The Young Lawyers Section sponsors the Career Center, which includes an electronic system that connects employers and recruiters with lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and administrative assistants.

All MSBA Practice Sections are open for associate members to join. Many offer events, activities and newsletters that can assist students and legal professionals with expanding professional knowledge and development.

Associate members (with the exception of law students) must be sponsored by a current MSBA member. To request an associate membership application for a colleague ($50-$75 annual fee) or student ($25 annual fee) that you know, call the MSBA Membership Department at (410) 685-7878. Associate membership and Section membership applications can also be processed online at

Take Your MSBA Membership a Step Further
by Joining an MSBA Section

From business law and litigation to labor law and taxation the MSBA has 23 field of practice Sections that will expand your professional knowledge and development:


Sections offer events, activities and newsletters that keep you up to date with events of interest to you as an attorney, law student, paralegal or law office administrator.


Convenient print and electronic newsletters with information about recent case developments of issues relevant to your field of practice (select sections).


An electronic mailing list to share and gather information from other legal professionals.


One free Section for associate members and free membership to the Young Lawyers Section for student associate members.

Visit for more information about Sections and to sign up for Section Membership online.



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