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March, 2004


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MSBA Affinity Partner Wins 2004 Weddle Users Choice Award

MSBA affinity partner Legal Career Network Center (LCCN) has won the 2004 Weddle Users’ Choice Award. Recipients of this award are selected by HR professionals, recruiters and job-seekers, who pick the best from the Web’s 40,000 job boards. LCCN ( is the first “legal-focus” job website ever to receive the award.

CAREER-XROADS, the leading reference guide to job and resume websites, has also selected LCCN for its “Best of the Best” list. LCCN is the only “legal-focus” job website ever to make this list as well.

LCCN is not one site but a shared network of legal associations who have combined their resources to create the No. 1 “legal” job website in the nation, a powerful resource for members and the legal community as a whole.

LCCN has taken great care in delivering the tools and services needed to help bring legal professionals and employers together. When you utilize the Career Center, you are reaching the combined resources of over 89 Legal Career Centers across the nation powered by

For more information, visit

Take Your Membership a Step Further by Joining an MSBA Section

From business law and litigation to labor law and taxation, the MSBA has 22 Sections that will expand your professional knowledge and development.

Sections offer events,  activities and newsletters that keep you up-  to-date with events of interest to you as an attorney, law student, paralegal or law office administrator.

Convenient print and electronic newsletters feature information about recent case developments of issues relevant to your field of practice (select sections).

Electronic mailing lists allow you to share and gather information from other legal professionals.

Associate Members of MSBA receive one free Section membership, while the Young Lawyers Section offers free membership to law students

Visit for more information about MSBA Sections and to sign up for Section Membership online.



Publications : Bar Bulletin: March, 2004

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