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January, 2005

A Message from Brian D. Sadur
~Law Offices of Brian D. Sadur, Esquire~

Why do people volunteer to hand out Maryland Lawyer Manuals, shake hands, congratulate new admittees to the bar? The hours aren’t billable—did I mention the smile costs extra?

Really, there can be only one reason. It’s a caring feeling for the profession. It means that as these new lawyers start their journey in Maryland they are met with a representative from the bar who sincerely and warmly welcomes them to a new world. It means that amidst the glaze of the ceremony, the oath, the reverence, the reflection of all it took for each of them to get to this day - they are met with someone on the other side that has been there, done that, and still invites the new lawyers to a community that can be warm and friendly. It means that as each county bar association strives to open its doors to new members, to promote camaraderie, to raise ethics, to encourage bar and community involvement that supports a positive image of our profession - the new lawyer will remember their first contacts at the Court of Appeals on their special day. They won’t necessarily remember the name of that person in line that shook their hand. They won’t necessarily remember what they look like. But most assuredly, on their special day, they will remember that someone shook their hand and gave a warm smile that may start them on a career that often needs a smile every day for the love of the profession.



Publications : Bar Bulletin: January, 2005

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