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"Ironwoman" Competes in World Championship Triathlon

Rahal   Rahal

Left: Attorney Linda Rahal crosses the finish line after competing in the World CEO Ironman Challenge at the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on October 18. Above: Rahal during the triathlon’s 112-mile bicycling competition.

Immigration and nationality law attorney Linda Rahal has proven her preparedness and willingness to be successful in the court room countless times. But now the CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Trow & Rahal, P.C., has established herself as equally victorious in the strength and endurance world.

On October, 15, 2005, Rahal was one of 18 participants (and only three women) to compete in the World CEO Ironman Challenge at the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Following a 10-month training regimen (for upwards of 17 hours a week), Rahal went on to finish the triathlon's 2.4-mile swim in 1.5 hours, the 112 mile-bicycling course in 7 hours; and the 26.2-mile run in 5.25 hours. But regardless of times, Rahal felt she had already won the moment she crossed the finish line.

"My goal was to finish the Ironman Challenge," says Rahal. "[The race] was the championship."

Knowing the challenge was going to be arduous and painstaking, Rahal, who was named one of Washingtonian magazine's top international immigration lawyers of 2005, parlayed her strong work ethic into this new endeavor.

"Competing in Ironman racing helps me to work by building confidence, focus and determination," explains Rahal. "This carries over into solving problems for clients as well as managing a firm.'"

Rahal qualified for the Ironman Challenge in a preliminary race held in Lake Placid, NY, on July, 23.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: January 2006

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