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Let me give you my number…

“Where can you be reached?” is probably something a busy mobile professional hears a lot of. And of course your cell phone is probably the most reliable route for people to contact you, but you don’t want to give the number to just anyone. You also would probably not use your cell phone minutes while you are in the office. And of course, what are you going to do if the battery goes dead or you are in an area with bad reception?

How would you like to give out only one phone number? How would you like to give out one number and know that wherever you are you can be reached, or choose to let your office take the call? What if that same number was your fax number? What if you could print your fax on any fax machine or computer printer in the world? Well, I think that would be pretty cool. But that is only the beginning.
There is a service called UltimateLinx that offers all of these features and more. It is a service uniquely suited to mobile professionals who are either out of the office or out of the country. It will nearly eliminate phone tag, connecting you to your important callers on the first try.
There are a lot of great features of this service. Some of these services are already out there and available separately, but this is the first time I’ve seen them all bundled together and connected to a single phone number. There are also features available that you can’t get anywhere else.

Follow-Me Numbers
You can enter three numbers that will ring simultaneously when your UltimateLinx number is dialed.

Conference Calls
By calling into your UltimateLinx service you can also create a conference call with up to nine people from any phone in the world.

Anywhere Fax Retrieval
Faxes sent to your UltimateLinx number are stored in the system. Call your UltimateLinx number; enter the number for any fax machine in the world and it will send your fax to that machine. You can also view your faxes online, save them to your computer, e-mail them or print from your computer. This can save a lot of time and paper if you need to make several revisions to a document.

Call Screening
You can also choose to have UltimateLinx announce your callers so that you can prioritize your calls and hear who is calling in their own voice, much better than caller ID. You can choose to take the call, send it to voicemail or transfer it to a colleague.

Get Messages
All of your voicemail messages are also connected to your single number and can be heard through any phone and also by logging onto the UltimateLinx website.

Privacy and Security
Another benefit to the service is the ability to maintain your privacy. You never have to give out your cell phone or home phone number but will be reachable if necessary. You also do not have to worry about keeping in contact with people if you need to change one of your numbers.

Perhaps the best feature of UltimateLinx is Hopscotch calling.
Imagine talking to a client while on your cell phone when it starts warning you of a low battery. You could tell them you have to call them back from a different line, or you can walk over to any landline phone, call and log into your UltimateLinx account and press a single button to seamlessly transfer the call from your cell phone to the land line.
This can also be done in reverse. How many times have you wanted to leave your office but just couldn’t break away from a call? Well, now all you would have to do is pick up your cell phone, dial UltimateLinx, transfer the call and be out the door without the caller ever knowing the difference.

Constant Communication
There are several examples of the feature of UltimateLinx, but to demonstrate the value of the service as a whole consider this true story. An UltimateLinx member was stranded at an airport and there was no cellular service because of a downed tower. The only phones available were the airport payphones. This allowed some to make important outgoing calls, but the UltimateLinx member logged into her service and entered the payphone number as one of her follow-me numbers. Not only was she able to able to receive calls, but the people on the other end still only had to call her single number to reach her.
Also consider the benefits away from your professional life. You can provide an UltimateLinx number to an elderly family member if they need assistance. They call the single UltimateLinx number that will then simultaneously call three phone numbers. They could be a family member, a doctor and a neighbor.

Fair, Affordable and Reliable
Signing up is also easy, and an affordable UltimateLinx subscription offers month-to-month service, which means no long-term contracts or fees for early cancellation.
Linx Communications was founded by Alice Hsin. Hsin is one of the foremost recognized experts in the post-divestiture telecommunications industry in the areas of integrated telecommunications systems, services and applications.
Visit UltimateLinx’s local provider, Ultimate Linx Communications ( or contact Alan Nemeth at for more information. Ultimate Linx Communications offers the UltimateLinx service to businesses, professionals, families and students.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: April 2007