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Thomas C. Cardaro

Thomas C. Cardaro
MSBA 2009-10 President-Elect Nominee

Thomas C. Cardaro, a partner in the Baltimore City law firm of Cardaro & Peek, LLC, has been named President-Elect nominee of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA). He will run for election this June during the MSBA Annual Meeting, along with Treasurer John Patrick Kudel, a solo practitioner in Rockville and Of Counsel to the Rockville-based law firm of Karp, Frosh, Lapidus, Wigodsky & Norwind, P.A., and Secretary-Elect Thomas D. Murphy, a Principal with the Rockville-based Law Offices of Murphy & Mood, P.C. Katherine Kelly Howard, General Counsel of Regional Management in Baltimore City, will be installed as President at the 2007 MSBA Annual Meeting. Cardaro is slated to be president in 2009-2010.

A prominent trial attorney recognized as a skilled leader in Maryland’s legal community, Cardaro is looking forward to serving as MSBA’s President in the future. “It is important to me to give back to the profession I love; one that has been good to me.” He is very active in, and supportive of, MSBA because “MSBA is pro attorney.”

“People look up to MSBA as the leader of all lawyers in the state,” he explains. “We are the professional association that represents all lawyers, but beyond that, people look to MSBA “as the voice of all lawyers in Maryland,” he asserts. “MSBA is a pillar of the state on behalf of attorneys.”

As President, Cardaro would like “to foster and advance civility and collegiality in the profession. This can be a wonderful aspect of the practice of law.” He thoroughly enjoys law practice and finds it to be a lot of “fun,” but stresses “civility and collegiality are vital components.” He believes “practicing law is far more enjoyable and rewarding when civility and collegiality are part of it.”

MSBA’s President-Elect nominee holds a positive view of civility and professionalism in today’s practice of law. Although he hears discussions about incivility amongst other attorneys, he has neither seen nor experienced it in his law practice. “In my personal practice, I see a great deal of collegiality and people working together. In the cases I have, the attorneys all get along.”

“I think that collegiality is, in some measure, a progress made over the years,” he continues. Cardaro credits MSBA for much of this progress. “MSBA has played an extremely important role, serving as the leader and guiding local bars in the facilitation of programs which have brought greater civility.” He also attributes advancements in attorney civility to ADR, the Judiciary, Discovery Guidelines, other collegial initiatives and senior attorneys mentoring younger ones.”


Cardaro received his J.D. degree from Catholic University of America in 1985 and joined the law firm Smith, Somerville & Case as an associate.  In 1990, he became a partner at Klores & Cardaro, P.C. (known as Klores & Associates prior to 1992) where he remained nine years.  In 1999, he was the founding partner of Thomas C. Cardaro & Associates Peek which became Cardaro & Peek, LLC in 1999. His law practice focuses on medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury.

MSBA’s President-Elect nominee has been an active member of the Association since he joined in 1985. He has belonged to various MSBA Committees over the years, served two terms on the Board of Governors, is a member of the Executive Committee and most recently held the office of Secretary. Cardaro was President of the Bar Association of Baltimore City in 2004 and remains active in this organization. He also served as President of the Baltimore Bar Foundation in 2002. On the national front, Cardaro is very active in the American Bar Association.

In the greater legal community, Cardaro is a frequent lecturer at trial practice/medical malpractice seminars on everything from trial tactics to the evaluation of cases. He is a Trustee and Member of the Finance Committee of the Bar Association Insurance Trust and a Board Member of the Baltimore Courthouse & Law Museum Foundation, Inc. In 2000, Cardaro chaired the Centennial Memorial Committee, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, and co-chaired the Finance Committee for the Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr., Court-House Centennial Celebration.


When Cardaro assumes MSBA’s presidency in June 2009, he plans to promote MSBA and its value to all Maryland lawyers. He emphasizes “each lawyer has a different reason for being a member. MSBA brings something to the table for every Maryland lawyer.” It offers an array of services and benefits so “each lawyer may select the ones that are of value and important to them.”

As President, Cardaro would like to be remembered for “bringing everyone together in advancing civility.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: January 2008

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