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On August 7, 2008, Patricia Yevics, MSBA’s Director of Law Office Management, received a President’s Award for Exemplary Service to the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE) at the 2008 NABE Annual Meeting, held August 5-8 in New York City.

“I am thrilled to receive the award because it is for service to NABE, and I enjoy working for NABE,” says Yevics. A NABE member for the last decade, she currently serves as a member of the Association’s Program Committee and last year also served as Chair of the IT Section. Yevics’s combined knowledge and devotion to such service, explains outgoing NABE President Evelyn E. Sullivan, led to her receiving the award.

“I think Pat exemplifies the level of professionalism that we hope all NABE members will aspire to,” says Sullivan, who serves as Executive Director for the Lancaster (PA) Bar Association. “She’s well-rounded, enthusiastic, friendly and very knowledgeable. She participates and shares her knowledge, but she does it while welcoming newer members to join in and feel at home.”

The President’s Award is given at the discretion of each NABE president, according to Sullivan; this year, Yevics was one of two such recipients.

“She certainly made my tenure as president a bit less stressful, because I knew that whatever she said she would do would be done on time, and better than we could have anticipated,” says Sullivan. That type of commitment, she explains, is essential to the success of voluntary organizations like NABE.

“Pat has been serving on the NABE Program Committee with distinction,” notes MSBA Executive Director Paul V. Carlin, who himself served as NABE President in 1993-1994. “When certain programs fell through, Pat jumped in and, without hesitation, offered ideas and extra effort to make sure that the NABE programs were superb. As she demonstrates on a daily basis with the MSBA, Pat simply confronts problems head-on and, without whining about the misfortunes, just searches for a good solution.”

“I definitely want to thank Paul [Carlin] for giving [MSBA’s directors] the opportunity to work with NABE,” says Yevics. “I think that MSBA members benefit from our participation in NABE because we bring back ideas from other bars, and we also share our successes in Maryland with the rest of the country.”

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Publications : Bar Bulletin:September 2008

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