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Publications : Bar Bulletin: August 2010

Editor: W. Patrick Tandy

August, 2010

   MSBA News Articles

E-Filing on Horizon for Maryland Lawyers
By Janet Stidman Eveleth

Sitting Judges Face Judicial Contests in Three Maryland Counties
~MSBA Announces Support of Sitting Judges~
By Janet Stidman Eveleth

Litigator Tackles the "Big Subjects" in Verse
Featuring a Poem by Jennifer Lubinski
By Patrick Tandy

MSBA's New Construction Law Committee Continues to Build
By Bryan Nichols
~Professional, Affordable Website Design~
By Monica Rodrigues

   Bar Bulletin Focus: Immigration Law

How Immigration Law May Affect Your Law Practice
By Van T. Doan

Raising the Bar
~Arizona Debacle Between Federal and State Authority~
By Danielle L. C. Beach

Maryland Recognizes My Same-Sex Marriage: Will the Immigration Service Do So?
By Michael F. Smith

When Good Hiring Intentions Lead to Discrimination
By Michelle Mendez

"Material Support" Upheld as Terrorism in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project
By Danielle L. C. Beach

Gender-Biased Discrimination for U.S. Citizenship for Foreign-Born Children
By Danielle L. C. Beach

Till Asylum Do We Part
~Establishing 'persecution' no longer a given for spouses of victims of forced sterilization~
By Eric Singer

H-1B Visa Program: Keeping America Competitive
By Kellie N. Lego

Immigration's Definition of "Felony" Not Adopted by Supreme Court in Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder
By Danielle L. C. Beach

For Love of Money: Navigating Your First Immigration Case
By Naima Said

   Monthly Features

PRO BONO Profile:
Firm Sustains Long-Term Pro Bono Week

By Andy Hagepanos

Solo/Small Firm Practitioner:
Take Advantage of Upside Potential in a Downturn

By Ari L. Kaplan

Lawyer Assistance Program Wellness Tip Sheet:
Growing Up in a Dysfunctional Home

By Lisa Caplan

Technology Talk:
Virtual Parenting

By John Anderson

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