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I. Mission Statement or Objective:  To provide high quality CLE programs at a reasonable cost as a primary member benefit, to enhance our members’ professional development.

     A. Mission achieved by:

  1. Providing quality CLE programs at reasonable rates that support the programming – no dues go to support CLE.
  2. Keeping the MSBA membership informed of changes and developments in the law, educated in areas of substantive law, and ethics/professionalism through CLE programs.
  3. Deliver CLE programs through a variety of media and ensure programs are reasonably accessible in terms of time, geography, and cost.
  4. Utilizing faculty of exceptional ability.
  5. Providing faculty development workshops and resources to faculty.
  6. Ensuring every CLE program is self supporting and financially viable.
  7. Provide reduced tuition rates pursuant to a hardship policy for individual attendees or pursuant to an agreement with the Pro Bono Resource Center for attendees willing to take pro bono cases for the Center.

     B.CLE Committee

  1. Will develop and implement policies for the development and presentation of CLE programs and the administration of the CLE Department.
  2. Will review the written program proposals received from the MSBA sections, and with input from CLE Department staff, determine the quality, popular appeal and economic viability of each proposal.

II.Guidelines for Sections Presenting CLE Programs

A. All CLE programs for which CLE credits are offered, whether delivered live or electronically, must be administered through the MSBA CLE Department and follow the guidelines herein. A one to two hour “lunch and learn”, or dinner meeting with a speaker is not considered to be CLE as long as it coincides with a Section business meeting, and as long as CLE credits are not offered.

B. A written proposal for each program shall first be submitted to the CLE committee at at a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the desired program date, and contain the following

  1. Date, time and location
  2. Potential faculty
  3. Ideal audience
  4. Why people should attend and what will they learn

C.The CLE Department will work with planning committees, program chairs and faculty to manage all logistical aspects of program presentation to include but not be limited to: marketing, registration, informing and working with faculty as they develop materials; compiling, formatting and reproducing materials; securing facilities, catering, videotaping, webcasting if appropriate for the program; securing CLE credits from surrounding states; and reporting credits to any other state requiring reporting. 

D.No section shall apply for CLE credits from any other state for any program whether or not it is offered by the CLE Department.

E.No section shall partner with another organization to present a program unless it has been approved by the CLE committee.

F.Faculty of CLE programs can attend their entire program for free, planning committee members must register for the program.

G.All faculty must provide the MSBA CLE Department with an executed MSBA copyright agreement before submitted materials can be included in a course book.

H.All faculty must consent to having their presentations videotaped for resale.

I.High-quality educational and professional development programming is a member benefit that the MSBA takes pride in providing.  The MSBA assumes all financial risk for the successful presentation of a program.  Our goal is to ensure that no member or section dues be used to subsidize CLE programming and that it be self-supporting.  If there is a loss as a result of a program’s presentation the MSBA absorbs the loss, and if there is a profit the MSBA retains the profit.

III.Subsequent Use of Section Webinar Presentations

A.Sections may use the MSBA’s “Go to Webinar” account to present one hour, unaccredited webinars that are free to their section members when presented live.  Non section members must pay $25 to access the live webinar presentation.

B.After the live presentation, the recorded presentation will be placed on the MSBA’s online catalog only for purchase for $25.00 to cover the administrative cost of maintaining the “Go to Webinar” license and staff support.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: July 2011

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