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For some time there have been many discussions on the electronic e-mail lists that members want the ability to share forms and documents. If you are on any of the Section lists, you know that they do not allow members to send attachments, and so it was not easy to share documents with all members of a Section. Very often, if anyone was willing to share a document, the member would have to send it individually to others on the list.

In response to these requests from members, MSBA has worked hard to create a new Forms/Document Library service that is now available to members of MSBA Sections. We now offer Section members the opportunity to share documents/forms with other Section members on a “members only” area of each Section’s webpage. Section members will now be able to both download documents from other members and upload documents they wish to share with others.  This is already being done on a very informal basis and now it can be done more easily for all Section members.

This feature is available only to Section members as an added benefit of Section membership. Recognizing the many questions this will raise, we have created some FAQs as well as a YouTube tutorial on how to use this new benefit. The FAQs can be found by going to > Committees and Sections > the Section you wish to use.

All Section webpages will have a tab called Forms Library. Clicking on the Forms Library will also take you to a link to the YouTube tutorial, or you can visit

This Forms Library came about in response to members’ requests. These are not MSBA Forms. You should use the forms at your own risk. You should not upload any copyrighted forms.

Although it would be possible for Sections to share documents using Google Docs or other types of free products, using the MSBA Forms Library is highly secure and available exclusively to Section members.

Please note that this is a work in progress. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (410) 685-7878 or (800) 492-1964, ext. 3039,

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: May 2011

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