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It seems everyone either wants one, has one, or hasn’t figured out the usefulness of an iPad. Although there are many games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, the iPad has emerged as more than a plaything as app developers find clever ways to adapt the device to a growing number of needs.

If you have a laptop, you may feel you don’t need an iPad, though the iPad is not intended to be a laptop replacement.

The iPad is meant for content consumption rather than creation.  But many find ways to incorporate it in to their needs, since it is less intrusive and easier to carry. Others simply can’t get enough gadgets. But whatever your reason to purchase one, look in to the different options available first. With the iPad, there are 3G models and wifi models available. With a 3G option comes a cellular contract and an always available connection; with wifi, you must rely on finding open hotspots in public. You may have other options for a mobile hotspot depending on the cellular contract you already have, so think carefully about what would work best for you and do some research before making a purchase.

Once you have your iPad, get familiar with all the buttons and be sure to set a passcode for your iPad in the Settings > General  tab. You can also choose settings to erase data on your iPad after 10 failed attempts to log in, or select a long password including both letters and numbers.

Battery life doesn’t last forever on any mobile device, and the iPad is no different. To help extend battery life, keep the device away from sun and heat, reduce the screen brightness, and set up screen auto-lock timing, also within the settings panel. If you do not need internet, try setting your iPad to Airplane Mode to turn off wireless communication, again in the Settings > General tab. If you have 3G but a wifi connection is available, go to Settings > WiFi Networks to select that mode of connection instead. To choose how often the iPad retrieves new data for e-mail and information syncing, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and change the time frame for the “fetch” setting.  The less often your iPad is fetching new information, the longer your battery will last.

For more information on app management, browsing the web, useful apps, typing, and camera tips, check out the presentation from Pat Yevics’ recent iPad 101: Basics for Lawyers Webinar. The pdf is available from

Once you have things up and running, here are some websites you will want to bookmark: Source for Lawyers to learn the latest apps, tips and tricks. Blog for Lawyers using iPhones and iPads. For all things MAC.

Also look for the free MSBA mobile app, which you can find at the Apple App Store. While you’re searching, download the Fastcase app, which is also free.

Register now for MSBA’s Wednesday Webinars, which are free to members, and last no more than an hour beginning at noon. The follow-up to the first iPad Webinar, iPad 201: Beyond the Basics, is scheduled for February 22. For more details and registration, visit and look for the Wednesday Webinar schedule.

Tanya Roberts is the website assistant at the MSBA, assisting sections with their webpages and e-newsletters. For comments or questions, please send an email to

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Publications : Bar Bulletin : February 2012

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