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Publications : Bar Bulletin : March 2012


Fastcase, an online legal research provider that is available to all MSBA members as a free benefit, has synchronized its online accounts with its mobile legal research app available for the iPhone and iPad.

Previously the systems had been separate, so information under favorites and search history on the phone had stayed on the phone, and desktop history stayed on the desktop. Fastcase Mobile Sync connects accounts for members, law firms, and law schools, bringing together favorites and usage history. 

Cases saved on the mobile app, for example, can now be accessed through your desktop, where there are options to print, find expanded search information, and access support from Fastcase reference attorneys and technical professionals.

To sync your accounts:

  • Log into Fastcase through your bar association, law school, or law firm landing page. Once logged in, scroll over the Options menu and select Mobile Sync.
  • Once on the Mobile Sync page, you will be prompted to enter an email address. The email you enter will be your username for logging in using the mobile app. (Note: If you already use Fastcase for the iPhone or the iPad and are syncing your accounts, please use the email address associated with your preexisting app account.)
  • When you’ve entered your email address, click Go. Fastcase will send an email to this address to confirm that you own it, and the email will contain a link that you must click to complete the sync process.

If you have already established a mobile app account, simply click the link in the email, and your two accounts will automatically link together.

Also, if you are creating a new mobile app account, you will be prompted to enter a password and to confirm your first and last name. After that, click Finish, and your existing desktop account will be linked to your new mobile account.

For questions, contact Fastcase at 1-866-773-2782 or email

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Publications : Bar Bulletin : March 2012

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