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Publications : Bar Bulletin : November 2013


Long the leading reference point for estate administration attorneys across Maryland, MSBA’s Gibber on Estate Administration sees its first update in two years with the brand-new 2013 Cumulative Supplement to Gibber on Estate Administration.

For three decades, Gibber on Estate Administration – authored by Allan J. Gibber, one of Maryland’s leading estate attorneys, consultant, authors, and lecturers on the subject – has become the “bible” of estate administration, the most singularly indispensible reference for attorneys who deal probate and other related issues.

This latest Supplement brings the book’s Fifth Edition (published in 2008) up to date through October 2013, replete with recent case law and statutory amendments relevant to areas including probate; asset appraisal/filing of inventory; Maryland estate tax; and administration expense and claims, as well as much more. New material addresses matters such as the expanded definition of allowable funeral expenses, the recognition of same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships, posthumous conception, and much more. The book also includes copious samples of official forms, including updates for more than 50 outdated forms.

For more information about the 2013 Cumulative Supplement to Gibber on Estate Administration, Fifth Edition, or to purchase any of MSBA’s CLE publications, visit, or call the MSBA CLE Department at (410) 685-7878.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin : November 2013

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