MD Bar Journal

MD Bar Journal May/June 1999July / August 1999
Volume XXXII Number 4
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Administration Of Justice
by The Honorable Robert M. Bell

Confidence In The Courts
by Janet Stidman Eveleth

Gender Equality - Are We There Yet?
by Pamela J. White

Bar Perspective: Judicial Administration
by Thomas J. Minton

Electronic Court Filings
by John A. Bourgeois

A School For Judges
by Amy S. Scherr

A New Judge's Perspective
by The Honorable Marcella A. Holland

Managing Maryland's Judges
by The Honorable Steven I. Platt and Nell B. Strachan

Maryland's Family Division: A State Of Mind
by The Honorable James C. Cawood, Jr.

Property Improved By Dwelling
by Charles J. Muskin


Practice Tips
New UCC Article 9 - Evolution or Revolution?

Attorney Grievance Commission
Retainer Agreements, Financial Records and Client Files

Ethics Docket
Update: Is It Ethical to Represent Criminal Defendants When Retained by the State?

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