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Sliding Into Bankruptcy (v34n4) Sept/Oct 2002
Volume XXXV Number 5

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Bankruptcy Filings Climb -
New Chief Judge Tackles Flood of Cases

by Janet Stidman Eveleth

Bankruptcy Intersects Family Law 
by Thomas C. Ries and Mark F. Scurti

Time For Bankruptcy Reform
by Alexander Gordon IV

Pitfalls For The Unwary: When To File A Bankruptcy Case 
by Timothy P. Branigan and Lawrence D. Coppel

Evaluation Of Chapter 13 - The Trustee's Perspective
by Ellen Cosby

How To Keep Your Clients And You From Becoming Enforcement Targets
by Mark A. Neal

Police And Regulatory Power Exceptions To The 
Automatic Stay

by Tamera L. Fine

Big Business In The World Of Troubled Companies - 
Buying And Selling Businesses And Assets In Bankruptcy

by Richard L. Wasserman, Frank A. Ciatto and Daniel A. Hawtof

MSBA's Mission
by James P. Nolan


Practice tips
Lawyer as Trustee: Working with Brokers, Investment Advisors and Financial Planners

Attorney Grievance Commission
A Lawyer's Word 

Ethics Docket
Door-to-Door Solicitations

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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