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Intellectual Property (v38n1) January/February 2005
Volume XXXVIII Number 1

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Intellectual Property

It's Not What You Say - It's How You Say It
by Jeffery C. Maynard

Picking The Best Trademark - For The Most Effective Advertising
by James B. Astrachan

Beyond Brand X - Using Another's Trademark In Your Own Advertising
by Ned T. Himmelrich

Protecting "Effectively Non-Patentable" Ideas
by Michael Oliver

Improper And Deceptive Invention Promoters
by William S. Ramsey

Business Insurance Targets Risks Posted By New Technology
by Charles L. Simmons, Jr.

Practicing Law Yesterday and Today - How Has It Changed
by Janet Stidman Eveleth


Attorney Grievance Commission
Pro Hac Vice: A Triple Play?

Ethics Docket
When Client Signs Assignment Of Funds To Pay Health Care Providers, Then Directs Attorney Not To Pay

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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