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Children and the Law (v39n3) May/June 2006
Volume XXXIX Number 3

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Children and the Law


Child Counsel: Caught Betwixt and Between
By Barbara Trader


Teaching Children About the Law
By Janet Stidman Eveleth

  Handling Child Relocation
By Walter A. Herbert, Jr., and Irwin A. Goldberg
  Third Party Custody What Can Be Presumed?
By Christopher W. Nicholson and Stacy LeBow Siegel
  Improving Child Welfare in Maryland
By Carolyn Thaler and Rhonda Lupkin
  Maryland Child Support Guidelines Time for an Overhaul?
By Cindy Callahan and Vincent M. WIlls
  A Truancy Court Program to Keep Students in School
By Barbara A. Babb
  Rules of Mediation Surround Us
By Stephen E. Moss


Practice Tip  
Child Custody Experts Answer Tough Questions 56
Ethics Docket  
Can State's Attorney Office Representing Child Support Enforcement Agency Represent pro se Defendants? 59
Attorney Grievance Commission  
Diligence and Due Diligence 61

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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