Law Office Management Assistance

Using Social Networking Sites to Grow Your Practice

Learn how to use popular social networking technology such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in your practice. Participants will see demonstrations of various sites and learn how to set privacy settings. Participants will also learn how to use these sites to gain valuable information about their clients, adverse parties, and opposing counsel.

Speakers: Steven S. Stern, Esq. and Frederic N. Smalkin, Esq., Legal Technology Solutions

Finding the Silver Lining: Practice Tips for Managing in Tough Times

No matter how optimistic you may be, these are clearly tough times for practitioners, businesses, current clients and potential clients. There are steps that you can take to help you manage your practice until "happy days are here again." In this session, four outstanding MSBA members will give you practical tips to help with technology, finances, clients, crisis management, ethics and other areas related to managing your practice.

Speakers: Adele Abrams, Esq., Law Offce of Adele Abrams, PC; Mark J. Muffoletto, Esq., Law Offce of Mark J. Muffoletto, LLC; Paul D.Raschke, Esq., Law Offces of Peter G. Angelos; Arnettia S. Wright, Esq., Wright Law Group, PC

5 Steps in the Billing & Collection Process

Advice on the Billing and collection process is the topic of this first installment of the The Maryland State Bar Association's Law Office Managment Video Series. Be sure to watch future episoes designed to provide attorneys with helpful advice for running their practice.

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