In response to the economic pressures facing the legal profession, the Maryland State Bar Association has taken the proactive approach to begin the conversation of "How to stay up in a down economy" and "What do I do if I become Unemployed"

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First Things First If You Lose Your Job

1. Apply for unemployment insurance. (More details below)

2. Contact the Maryland State Bar Association AND Client Protection Fund change your name and address. YOU MUST CONTACT BOTH.

To change information for MSBA:
By Internet
By Email
By phone to membership: 800-492-1964
By fax to Membership 410-685-1016
By Mail: Membership, MSBA, 520 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

3. Contact Creditors if necessary. (More details below)

4. Update your resume. Practice your elevator speech.

5. If necessary, delete as much as possible any "inappropriate" Myspace, Facebook, or other social networking posts.

6. Become more active with the MSBA and local and specialty bars to expand your network.
Join MSBA sections and Email Lists. Join the MSBA Young Lawyer Section Facebook Group.

7. Sign up for local bar referral services A list of all bar associations with Lawyer Referral Services is available at

8. Consider Solo Practice.

Contact Pat Yevics at MSBA at 800-492-1964, ext 3039 if you have any questions.
For a copy of our binder on How to Start a Solo Practice, please send an email to Patricia Yevics
Attend Hanging Out A Shingle seminar, held in January, July and November each year.

Attend Solo Day at the Annual Meeting, held Friday at each MSBA Annual Meeting in June. (See a sample of the 2011 Solo Day topics.)

Information About Unemployment Compensation

Top Ten Things to Do When You Are Laid Off

Warning Signs


Career Information Resources



It is critical to take a hard look at your expenses and determine what must absolutely be paid and what expenses can be cut. Cut your expenses to the bone. If you have been laid off, only spend money on essential expenses and any items the will assist you in either getting another job, training for a new position or consider alternative type of practice settings.



Health Issues



Office Resource Issues
You may have been used to having access to resources such at internet, fax machines, copier and other items. It is important to create a secure "office" space in your home to begin your search or even start a solo practice. Remember if you are starting to do client work from a home office either on a desktop or laptop computer, that information is confidential and must be treated the same as it would be in an off site office.


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