1. Can I register at the door?
    Yes, but it is best to call the day before to make certain that it is not sold out. We will NOT hold any openings that are not paid for in advance. Contact Nick Clash at 800-492-1964, ext 3038 before 2:00 on Friday. We accept Master Card, Visa, Checks made payable to MSBA -LOMA, or exact cash.
  2. Are there materials available?
    Yes and they will be distributed via email and at the program.
  3. Will food be served?
    There will be continental breakfast and a buffet lunch served. If you need a specific menu, please contact us no later than the Wednesday before the program.
  4. What is the dress code?
    Dress is Casual.
  5. What should I bring with me to the program?
    You should bring something to take notes with such as a pad and paper or a laptop. Bring business cards if you want to exchange information for referral purposes.
  6. Are CLE Credits available?
    Although CLE is NOT mandatory in Maryland if you need a CLE Certificate for insurance purposes or other states, we will provide CLE certificates at the end of the day.
    If you need proof of attendance, there will be signed forms available which will be available at the END of the day.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you need proof of attendance, you must get it signed at the end of the day BEFORE you leave. We will not verify attendance once you leave at the end of the day.
  7. Will speakers be available after their presentations?
    Speakers will remain through the break following their presentations and some may even remain longer. You will also be given the contact information for all speakers in case you wish to contact them after the program.
  8. Is there WIFI available at the hotel?
    There will be an additional charge for the wifi at the hotel. This will be your responsibility.
  9. What if I pay but do not attend the program?
    You will receive all the materials and will be given the opportunity to attend the next program in November. There can be no refunds.
  10. What is the policy for inclement weather?
    In the case of bad weather, please call Pat Yevics's voice mail at 443-703-3039 and there will be a message regarding the program. We will also send emails to everyone if there is a change.
    Please note that we have never cancelled a program and unless the weather is so terrible that the hotel will have to close, the program will go on as scheduled. We are bound by our contract with the hotel.
  11. What are the directions to the next event?

    Check back for details for the next Hanging Out a Shingle Program.