2014 Mid-year Meeting Program (pdf)

This is a preliminary program of educational events and activities.  You will receive an updated copy of the program upon arrival in St. Kitts.

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Eductaional Materials

Monday, February 17

DUI Perspective: The Bench...... The Defense......
Hon. Pamila Brown and Raphael Santini, Esq.

Tuesday, February 18

Why Mediate? Tips and Skills Training
Hon. Thomas Bollinger, Hon. Irma Raker, Hon. Barbara Howe and Michael J. Baxter, Esq.

Wednesday, February 19

Goodwill Determinations in Marital Dissolution Cases
David R. Bogus, Principal, Ellin & Tucker, Chartered

My Client is Buying a Gas Station. What Should I Know?
Fundamentals on the Law of Retail Petroleum Marketing
Speaker: Harry Storm, Esq.

Thursday, February 20

Drug Recognition Experts in Drugged Driving Cases: Real Science or Junk Science???
John P. Kudel, Esq.

Construction Delay Claims – A Primer
Speaker: Thomas A. Baker, Esq.

On Website Crashes, Cancellations and Chaos, OH MY!
An Update on the Affordable Care Act

Speaker: Constance H. Baker, Esq.

Friday, February 21

Medical Malpractice Case Update
Speaker: Harry Chase, Esq.
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Ten Litigation Tips for Trial Lawyers – Some Old and Some New
Speakers: Mayda Colón Tsaknis, Esq. and James L. Thompson, Esq,

Wanda A. Calvin Claiborne, CMP
Director of Meetings and Bar Liaison
410-685-7878 ext. 3022