14th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference
Conference FAQ's

Information and registration on line @ www.msbasoloconference.org

General Questions

1.  Is this conference just for solo and small firm practitioners?

Not necessarily but the focus is on solo and small firm practitioners.   However, there are many practice management, marketing, ethics and technology topics for lawyers in any practice setting

2.  Can non-MSBA members attend the Conference? 

Yes but there is a higher cost for non-MSBA members.

3.  Is the conference for new or experienced practitioners?

Both.   There will sessions that will be helpful for any practitioner whether new or experienced.  The focus of this year’s conference will be giving help to make your practice more successful as with practice management topics and technology.

4.   If I am a new solo practitioner, will the Saturday Conference be helpful for me?

Absolutely.  Although the program does not teach you how to start a solo practice, there are many topics both for legal and technology/practice management topics that are important for members regardless of practice setting or experience.

5.  Will the sessions be videotaped?


6.  Will there be printed materials?

No.  All materials will be available online which you may download.  We will give you a password for the online materials when you receive your confirmation.    We will also have a video on how to load your materials to your iPad.

7.  If I pay but am unable to attend, will I receive I still have access to the materials?


8.  How long will the materials be available online?

They will be available online until the registration opens for the 2014 Solo Conference which will be approximately in June, 2014.

9.   Do I have to choose in advance which sessions to attend?

No.  You may choose any session you wish to attend the day of the conference.

10.  Will there be vendors at the Conference?

Yes, there will be a few vendors at the conference including some legal service providers as well as some MSBA endorsed vendors.

11.   May I register at the door?

Yes, but if possible, please try to register in advance even up until Thursday, November 11 to make certain we have a good count.  Also, we have sold out in past years and we have had to turn people away at the door.

12.  What is the dress code?

Since this is a Friday, it is whatever you need it to be if you have work appointments after the conference. Casual however you define it.

13.   Why is lunch optional?

Many attendees love the opportunity to network and connect during lunch.  Since the 2013 Solo and Small Firm Conference is only a half day and not the usual full day, we wanted to give attendees the opportunity to continue this participation.  Again, since it is a Friday, we did not want to include the cost of the lunch into the fee if attendees were not able to attend. 

14.  Do I have to register for the lunch in advance?

Yes because we have to confirm that exact number with the hotel. 

15.  What if I pay for lunch and have to leave?

It means there is more for others.  We cannot refund any money for lunches as the hotel will not refund the money to us after we have confirmed.

16.  Will any sessions receive CLE credits for other states?

That is hard to say at this point and will also depend on which state.  Some states do NOT allow any CLE credit for practice management or technology sessions.  Any ethics programs will usually receive credit.  NOTE: You must have your attendance form signed BEFORE you leave the conference.