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Bar Associations Insurance Agency Inc.

Bar Associations Insurance Agency Inc.
Phone: (410) 539-2320
Fax: (410) 539-0456

The Bar Associations Insurance Agency, Inc. endorses a carefully selected group of financially secure and reputable insurance companies that offer you and your practice excellent coverage at competitive prices: Life, Disability Income, Long Term Care and Dental Insurance. Special discounts are available for MSBA members.

For additional information on services you are eligible for as a MSBA member, please contact TriBridge Partners, LLC Company; the coordinating broker for the Bar Associations Insurance Agency. : Legal e-Mall : Insurance

Disclaimer: The data in the MSBA Legal Products and Services Directory is provided by the companies themselves. This information is offered in order to provide a starting point for further investigation. The Maryland State Bar Association, Inc. is not responsible for errors or omissions in the data.