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National Bar Association President Clyde Bailey Encourages NBLSA Delegates To Take Serious Their Role As The Voice Of The Black Legal Community

President Bailey spoke briefly at the AJ Cooper Luncheon during the National Black Law Student Association (“NBLSA”), 36th Annual Meeting in Boston, Mass., March 17 – 21, 2004.

Congratulating Mishchonda Baldwin for her unprecedented two-term Chairpersonship of the Association, President Bailey indicated that she was destined for greatness in the National Bar Association.

President Bailey, commenting on the decline in the percentage of African American enrollment in law schools, emphasized how urgently important it is for each of the NBLSA members to succeed in their endeavor to become a legal professional and, that once a legal professional, to be mindful that much will be expected. Among other things, President Bailey urged the students to become and remain active in the NBA. According to Bailey “It [membership in the National Bar Association] offers a unique opportunity to network with lawyers who share common interests and concerns.”

The National Bar Association, founded in 1925, is the nation’s oldest and largest association of attorneys of color, representing a professional network of over 20,000 lawyers, judges, educators and law students.

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