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Salome A. Howard Bar Association

No. of Members: 19
Annual Meeting: February 2015



Makeba Gibbs
Office of the Public Defender
301-539-7330 ext. 305

Anthony B. Covington, Esq.
State's Attorney for Charles County
Charles County State's Attorney's Office 301-932-3350 covingtt@charlescounty.org

Chartered in March 2010, Salome A. Howard Bar Association (SAHBA) is named after the late Salome Ann Freeman Howard, a civil rights activist and past president of the Charles County Chapter of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Mrs. Howard served as NAACP president for 12 years from 1974-1986.  She was well known as a “freedom fighter” and her legacy embodies the ideals of the bar association. 

SAHBA was established to encourage professional development, networking, education and community service within the African-American legal community.  The organizational mission is striving to continue the work of Salome A. Howard by promoting African-American participation in government, youth, and civic and charitable organizations.  To that end, this year members donated to Lifestyles to provide Easter baskets to area children, participated in Christmas in April and have established a liaison program with the area Charles County High Schools. SAHBA serves Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties.

SAHBA general body meetings are held the third Wednesday of every other month. The annual meeting is in February.  Annual dues are $75.

Executive Board members for 2010-2011:

  • President - Makeba Gibbs, Esq.
  • Vice-President - Anthony B. Covington, Esq.
  • Treasurer - Karen R. Piper, Esq.
  • Secretary - Monise A. Stephenson, Esq.

Community Service Chairs:

  • Tonia Belton-Gofreed, Esq.
  • Shelley Johnson, Esq.

Charter Members

Tonia Y. Belton-Gofreed, Esq.
Reuben B. Collins II, Esq.
Anthony B. Covington, Esq.
Debra M. Davis, Esq.
Frank C. Denison, Esq.
Makeba Gibbs, Esq.
W. James Guillory, Esq.
Michele R. Harris, Esq.
Bruce A. Johnson, Esq.
Nathaniel D. Johnson, Esq.
Shelley L. Johnson, Esq.
Nataly C. Mendocilla, Esq.
Karen R. Piper, Esq.
Darrell L. Robinson, Esq.
Monise A. Stephenson, Esq.
Honorable Kenneth A. Talley, Esq.
Anita G. Turner, Esq.
H. James West, Esq.
CT Wilson, Esq.