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Seamless Online Payment with Rocket Matter and LawPay

Realize more billable time than ever before with Rocket Matter and LawPay integration!
LawPay has partnered with Rocket Matter to offer seamless online transactions which allow attorneys to invoice and collect payment electronically.
With LawPay and Rocket Matter together, you can:

  • Capture time and expenses from any iPhone®, Android™, tablet, or computer.
  • Generate all of your invoices with the click of a mouse.
  • Invite your clients to a custom branded portal with your logo and the ability to pay their invoice.
  • Correctly separate earned and unearned fees.
  • Control cash flow and reduce collections.
  • Reduce credit card processing fees by 25%!

Utilizing Rocket Matter’s Portal, you can accept payments from your clients online. Your LawPay account receives a deposit and your Rocket Matter ledgers automatically adjust. This means less data entry, less room for human error, and more time for what you do best, being a lawyer!

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