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Legal Guide for Victims of Mass Disasters- This information is a public service provided by the Maryland State Bar Association and the American Red Cross.

Avoiding Unwanted Contacts and Solicitations

The Maryland State Bar Association and the American Red Cross of Maryland, like most professionals, understand that you may well be facing great emotional distress following your ordeal. In these situations, it is often difficult to think clearly. The following tips might be useful to help you find honest, capable professionals who can help you.

  • An honest professional respects your pain and your need for privacy. He or she never tries to get any information, agreement or business from you by taking unfair advantage of your pain or grief. The honest professional never approaches you, face-to-face, at this time of great distress to ask for your business.
  • Always remember that you have the right to choose your own lawyer. Don't take this decision lightly. Your financial well-being might depend on making a wise choice. Remember that you don't have to talk about the disaster with other people's insurance agents or adjustors without first getting good legal advice.
  • If you are approached by any person who acts unethically or unprofessionally, the law provides you with remedies. Lawyers, insurance agents, and most other professionals must follow very high standards of professional conduct. If you have any complaints against an attorney, you can report them to the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland at (800) 492-1660.
Home : Public Resources : Disaster Plan

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