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Dolores Dorsainvil, Chair
515 5th St NW
Ste 117
Washington, DC 20001-2710
P: (202) 638-1501
F: (202) 638-0862

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2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Committee issues written opinions on the proper interpretation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which are indexed and available on the MSBA’s website, and some of which may be published in the Maryland Bar Journal. It assigns three of its members to provide hotline advice to MSBA members regarding ethical issues that may arise in daily practice, announcing the volunteer names each month in the Bar Bulletin and on the website. The Committee has noted, along with a decrease in the number of requests for written opinions, a marked increase in the number of hotline inquiries, particularly related to multi-jurisdictional practice, online advertising, cloud computing, and outsourcing services. It will collaborate with the Office of Bar Counsel on a panel presentation at the MSBA Annual Meeting.