Lawyer Assistance Program

Maryland Bar Center
520 West Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Jim Quinn

410.685.7878 ext. 3041
Direct Line: 443-703-3041

Lisa Caplan, LCSW-C, CAC
Lawyers Assistance Program Counselor
410.685.7878 ext.3042
Direct Line: 443-703-3042

We assist Judges, Lawyers, Law Students, Legal Staff and their families who need help...

If you or someone you know needs help to address problems such as alcohol, drugs, stress, family or personal problems, emergency practice management, and/or health because these issues are effecting work productivity; we can help - call us today!


Definition: The Lawyer Assistance Program (Formerly Lawyer Counseling Committee) defines the impaired legal professional as one whose ability to practice law with fitness and skill (or in the case of a law student, the ability to complete law school successfully) is impaired because of substance abuse, depression, chronic stress or other emotional or physical disabilities.

History: Prior to 1981, the Maryland State Bar Association established the Standing Committee of Lawyer Counseling as a direct result of the Bar Association’s recognition of the need for a program designed to assist legal professionals, and later legal students and legal staff, who have difficulties which adversely affect their practice of law (or their completion of law school). In June 1981, the Lawyer Counseling Committee was established. The Committee’s goal is to respond (in the manner detailed below) to indications of poor performance by judges, attorneys, law students and legal staff that are serious enough to warrant further investigation and possibly intervention.

Purpose: The program identifies impaired judges, lawyers, law students, and legal staff: assesses them; refers them to appropriate treatment, and supports and monitors their recovery.