Program Committee



Hon Barbara Kerr Howe
8 Hampshire Woods Ct
Towson, MD 21204-4303
P: (410) 887-2920
F: (410) 887-2922

Alice S Chong
National Security Agency
9800 Savage Rd
Ste 6250
Fort Meade, MD 20755-6250
P: (301) 688-5015



2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Committee planned educational programs on current topics, which included opportunities for social interaction, for MSBA’s Mid-Year Meeting held in February in Costa Rica. It is planning MSBA’s Annual Meeting, which will feature substantial law and practice programs in June in Ocean City. The Committee continues to seek opportunities to make all of its programming timely, relevant, innovative, and instructional to address the needs of the various MSBA Sections and Standing and Special Committees.