Administrative Law

Section Council Appointment Procedure

According to the Administrative Law Section by-laws, the Section has five officers plus 21 members at large authorized for election to the Section Council. Over the past many years, the Section has had five officers and anywhere from 16 to 20 members of the Section Council. The Section has attempted to maintain a mix of private practice attorneys, public practice attorneys, and members of the Bench (including Administrative Law Judges) as a fair cross section of the MSBA to serve on our Section Council.

Over the years, the Section Council has both actively reached out to solicit new Council members and encouraged those who contacted us to actively participate. Members of our Section Council are always interested in finding new members of the Association who might be interested in serving as a productive member of our Section Council. When interested individuals are identified, they are contacted by a member of the Section Council, and if they are willing to serve, they are either placed for election at our annual meeting or, per our by-laws, elected by the Council to fill a vacancy or unexpired term.

Every spring, the Section Council solicits from its membership individuals who might be interested in serving in leadership. Such a person is generally identified as one who has shown and proven to be a productive member of our Section Council for one or more prior years. An individual selected for leadership would first be placed in the Treasurer spot before progressing up the leadership ladder to Secretary, Vice Chair and then Chair.