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Testimony in Support of Source of Income Discrimination Prohibitions
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Attention Members of the MSBA Delivery of Legal Services Section:

The Delivery of Legal Services Section Council recently revised the section’s by-laws to bring them up to date with practice and better articulate the purposes of the section.  The Section Council needs your vote on these changes at the General Meeting on September 15 at 6:00 pm.

To review the proposed by-laws revisions, click the following links:
Redlined Document Showing Revisions | Clean Document

2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Section provided support to revise the Guide to Legal Services, an overview of low and no cost civil legal services in Maryland. It also co-sponsored the Annual Maryland Partners for Justice Conference and supported the National Lawyer Referral Conference.


The purposes of the Section are to promote the administration of justice in the State of Maryland by providing and encouraging others to provide legal services in those areas of law practice in which legal representation is not adequately and routinely available through the normal fee-for-services private law practice, either because adequate fees are not available or because the client needs to identify a lawyer to represent him. Those areas of law practice may include, for example, legal services for the indigent, both civil and criminal; public interest law; civil rights law; law clinics for persons of modest means; consumer advocacy; legal services for the handicapped; prepaid legal service plans; and lawyer referral service.


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