Elder and Disability Rights

Section Council Appointment Procedure

The Elder Law Section Council members serve two year terms and are entitled to seek re-election for an additional term. In the event members wish to continue serving on the Council after the expiration of their second term, they must agree to serve as an officer. This is the method by which most members move forward to take leadership roles on the Council.

The Nominating Committee of three to five members must be established pursuant to the By-laws by the Chair with Council approval sixty days before the Annual Meeting. In practical terms, the Chair normally appoints the Nominating Committee in the fall. The Section generally puts "the word out" either through networking opportunities, continuing education classes and its newsletter to seek Section members who are interested in serving on the Council.

After the Committee receives and considers suggestions for nomination of qualified persons to serve as officers and members, it makes recommendations to the Section membership thirty days prior to the MSBA Annual Meeting. It publishes its recommendations in the April Bar Bulletin. The slate then stands as elected at the Annual Meeting unless there are additional nominations. In this case, a majority vote determines the election.