Family and Juvenile Law

Message from the Chair

First, let me welcome one and all to the new Section year. I was gratified to see so many of you at the annual meeting in June. The attendance for our program, Unbundled Melody¸was standing room only. Our business meeting concluded with the presentation of the Groner Lifetime Achievement Award to our former Chair, Keith Schiszik. Chris van Roden led our education panel, which considered the issue of limited representation, in a lively and interesting discussion and the humorous part of the program, which included Vince Wills in wrestling togs and Maureen Glackin in Mardi Gras beads (don’t ask, just don’t ask…)was, as always, hilarious. Many thanks to all members of the Council for their hard work which produced this excellent show.

I have to thank my two immediate predecessors, Mary Sanders and Dorothy Lennig, for the example they have set. Dorothy continues her work for one more year on the Council as Immediate Past Chair, where she will also chair our Membership Committee, so anyone with an interest in joining us is urged to contact Dorothy, and Mary has accepted my invitation to act as Co-Chair, with Rene Ades, of our Education Committee.

And we can certainly use Mary’s help, as education programs will be a priority for us this year. We will put on our first Eastern Shore program in October, we have a Tax Workshop in December and Hot Tips in Family Law returns in February. These promise to be great programs and I hope to see you there.

Hadrian Hatfield takes over as our Legislative Chair, and Justin Sasser, our new Secretary, is leading a total revamp of our MSBA home page, so any ideas for content or links will be appreciated. As always, we can’t say enough about the great job that Kristine Howanski is doing with Family Law News, and I know she is on the lookout for writers…

We are going to have a great year, so watch the listserve for our monthly Top 10.

Ten and contact us with your thoughts.

Walter A. Herbert, Jr.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland