Family & Juvenile Law Section “Top 10’s”

10 Hot Tips To Keep Your Office Manager Happy

  1. If your office manager has given you portable checks to use when you’re out of the office, when you use one, tell him/her how much and to whom.
  2. Don’t let your office manager be your scapegoat. Don’t take out your annoyance at courts, clients and opposing counsel on the one person who’s always got your back.
  3. If a client gives you a payment directly, please make sure that you give it to your office manager and don’t leave it in your desk drawer or briefcase.
  4. Make sure you let the office manager know about events prior to the last minute, whether it be in-office appointments or out-of office events. Work off of a computer calendar that she/he can have access to.
  5. If the office manager has a bad feeling about a client or employee, believe her/him. Trust his/her gut instincts.
  6. Do not let clients speak to the office manager (or other employees) in an unpleasant or rude manner.
  7. Make sure you give your office manager your notes for a potential new client to store in a safe place. Don’t let them get lost on your desk and then expect the office manager to know where you’ve squirreled them away.
  8. Do not forget to put your vacation time on your calendar as soon as you schedule it.
  9. Do not forget to say thank you when your office manager (or other employees) when they do something nice for you.
  10. Keep receipts for reimbursable case expenditures (e.g., parking, copying costs at court, taking a client to lunch) and turn them into the office manager promptly.
  11. Bonus tip:

  12. Buy lunch for your office.