Family & Juvenile Law Section “Top 10’s”

Top Ten Sources of Really Good Scoops
submitted by: Alisa G. Cummins, Esquire

  1. Bank Account Records: Review in detail to ascertain deposits (do they exceed stared income); frequent purchases (does the alleged alcohol abuser frequent liquor stores and pubs); unusual purchases (is there a subscription to a dating service or a purchase from an unusual retailer)
  2. Employment Records: What are the opposing party's available benefits and has s/he elected enrollment; what is the opposing party's schedule; are there bonuses; reimbursed expenses; disciplinary records
  3. School Records: Grades; disciplinary records; registration and emergency contact forms; attendance records; parent communications; health records
  4. Cell Phone Records: Frequently contacted numbers; location
  5. Internet Service Providers: E-mail addresses; screen names
  6. Dating Services: Profile; photographs; instant messaging
  7. Pharmacy Records: Frequency of prescriptions; nature of prescriptions
  8. Medical/Dental Records: Which parent present; statements made to providers
  9. Police Records: Reports; 911 recordings (remember you need the officer to testify to authenticate the information in the report)
  10. Social Networking Records (i.e. Facebook): Profile; postings; photographs