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  • Purpose of the Program is to provide University of Maryland and University of Baltimore law students who are interested in careers in health law with access to practicing health law attorneys in Maryland to discuss career options in health law and to obtain advice regarding career decisions and the practice of health law.

  • The Program will be governed by a Health Law Mentor Program Committee consisting of one representative from the MSBA Health Law Section (appointed by the Chair of the Section), one representative from the University of Maryland Law School, and one representative from the University of Baltimore Law School.  Additional members may be appointed at the discretion of the Chair of the Section. 

  •  All law students at the University of Maryland and the University of Baltimore interested in health law are eligible to participate in the Program.

  • All practicing health law attorneys who are admitted to the Maryland bar and who are members of the Maryland State Bar Association are eligible to serve as mentors, but the Program will be publicized primarily to members of the MSBA Health Law Section.
  • Each mentor may determine his or her own level of participation and time commitment.  Available options include:
    • Serving as a mentor for one law student for one semester; meeting and talking by telephone with the student in accordance with the schedule worked out by the mentor and mentee.
    • Serving on a panel of health law attorneys who have agreed to accept telephone calls from law students about specific issues regarding health law career options or the practice of health law. 
    • Serving as a mentor for a group of law students with whom the attorney would meet an agreed-upon number of times during a semester (4 meetings is the recommended minimum number) to discuss issues related to health law, career options, and the practice of health law.
    • Hosting one or more law students for a “shadow” day or afternoon at the attorney’s office.
    • Any other arrangement approved by the Health Law Mentor Program Committee.

  • Each health law attorney who agrees to serve as a mentor will complete the application describing the attorney’s proposed commitment to the Program.  Each mentor will be asked to commit to his or her level of participation for a minimum of one semester. 

  • Once approved, the attorney’s name will be added to a list on the MSBA Health Law Section website (to which both law schools’ websites would provide links) providing the mentor’s name, contact information, and specific level of participation and availability.  This list will be updated as individual mentors fill up their mentee slots or leave the Program, and additional mentors join.  (Each mentor should notify the designated Health Law Mentor Program contact person by email when the mentor’s available slots have been filled.)

  • Open slots in a mentor’s schedule will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the individuals involved being a good fit personally.

  • Any problems arising from a law student’s failure to respect the limits of the time commitment of the mentor, or the mentor’s failure to honor the agreed-upon commitment, will be referred to the Health Law Mentor Program Committee for resolution.   

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