Health Law

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Rachael Barnett
Staff Attorney
Office of the Attorney General
(410) 585-2054

Nature of Job or Practice:

Issues, Matters Most Often Handled:
I prosecute violations of the Maryland Nurse Practice Act. My two most common cases are against nursing assistants who abuse elderly patients in assisted living facilities and against nurses who steal controlled dangerous substances from hospitals. Prosecution under the Maryland Nurse Practice Act can lead to the revocation of a license or certificate.

Level Of Commitment:

  • I agree to mentor 1 law student.
  • I agree to mentor a group of law student(s) not to exceed 4.
  • I agree to serve on a panel to answer questions in the following areas or career choices:
    • patients' rights
    • public service
    • prosecution
    • administrative health law
  • I agree to host 2 law student(s) for a shadow day.

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