Immigration Section Mentoring Program


The MSBA Mentor Program is a network of experienced practitioners who have agreed to answer questions and aid other members in specific areas of law. The program is designed for brief "how to" advice on practical aspects of day-to-day practice, office procedures, and ethical dilemmas. Please follow these brief instructions in order to maintain the high quality of the mentor program:

By continuing below, you agree to the following terms & conditions of use:

  1. I have read, understood and agree to the following rules and guidelines.
  2. I am an MSBA immigration section member, not a paralegal, law clerk or legal assistant.
  3. I am inquiring about an active case.
  4. I will exercise due diligence and limit the facts of my case to the basics to protect the confidentiality of my client.
  5. I have attempted research on the issue and I will share my analysis and resolution of my case with my mentor.
  6. I own basic immigration resources like Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, INA statute and regulations, attend immigration webinars, affiliated with the immigration section and/or national immigration professional organization.
  7. I will only make one inquiry at a time and wait 24 hours for a response before contacting the mentor.
  8. I will only contact the mentor in the manner indicated by the mentor.
  9. I understand my privileges will be revoked if I abuse this program.