Real Property Section




Marc B. Bergoffen
Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker
12505 Park Potomac Ave
Floor 6
Potomac, MD 20854-6803
P: (301) 945-9279
F: (301) 230-2891

Section Dues: $15.00 per year
Law Students may join this section at no cost.

Commercial Real Estate Discussion Group
Topic: Insurance for Landlords and Tenants
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 | 12:15 Noon
Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
100 Light Street, 5th Floor
Baltimore, MD  212012

Seminar: Public Private Partnerships, From the State to the Local Perspective
Friday, October 24, 2014
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Section



Commercial Real Estate Attorney’s Discussion Group 2014 – 2015 Registration/Re-Enrollment Form

Commercial Real Estate Discussion Group May 20 Meeting Handouts
- Judge Harrell's Handout
- Judge Kenney's Handout

Land Use Committee Spring Seminar/Speaker Event: “What is the land use impact of a partial taking? Condemnation in a suburban and urban environment. Valuation, damages and severance impacts.”
Powerpoint Slides:
Condemnation in a Suburban and Urban Environment | Eminent Domain, Partial Takings, The Process Begins

Brown Bag Program: The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Closing Materials (2/26/14)
- Surveying Units and Terms
- Aberdeen Survey Plot
- Survey Review and Land Use Article

2014 Section Business Meeting Video


The Real Property Section is excited to introduce the “Real Estate Pathways Program.” Building off of the Section's popular mentorship efforts of years past, the Program looks to connect experienced real estate attorneys with aspiring new and future attorneys in the field. Both law students and junior attorneys are welcome to participate, while experienced attorneys are sought to serve as mentors, panelists, and more. Contact Alex Mitchel, Student Member of the Real Property Section Council, with any questions.

Section BLOG:

The Real Property Section recently started a blog known as Ground Rules. The purpose of Ground Rules is to keep members informed with timely and interesting developments in real property law, as well as information about upcoming events sponsored by the Real Property Section. Members of the Real Property Section are encouraged to submit articles and notices to Gwen Allen, the editor of Ground Rules, at You can also subscribe to Ground Rules by entering your email address in the lower right-hand side of any page of the blog and clicking “Subscribe.”

Section Documents:

Video Replays:

MSBA 2011 Annual Meeting

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2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Section produced the Advanced Real Property Institute in October and the Land Use Institute in April. Its Commercial Real Estate Discussion Groups monthly luncheons in Baltimore continued to have strong attendance and great programming. The Section also revamped its newsletter, Ground Rules, as a blog featuring monthly postings in order to make it more relevant for members; added a new subcommittee, the Condominium and HOA Committee; and resurrected its “Basics of Real Estate Transactions Evening Series”. It will present its Distinguished Practitioner’s Award at the MSBA Annual Meeting.


Nomination to the Section Council typically occurs as a result of work on the standing committees of the Section. Typically, members of the Real Property Section Council reach out to other members of the Real Property Section that they have met over the years and invite them to be active on these committees. Real Property Section members can also request to be appointed to committees in the fall of the year and/or nominated to Section Council in the spring. A primary committee is the Legislative Committee. It has approximately 15 members. Another significant committee is the Commercial Real Estate Attorney Discussion Group. The Chairs of both of these committees serve on the Section Council.

Officers of the Section Council are chosen by a Nominating Committee, and are usually selected from persons currently on the Section Council. The progression as an officer of the Section Council is first nomination to be Secretary of the Section Council, then Vice Chair of the Section Council, then Chair of the Section Council assuming one's performance has been adequate each year.

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