From The Editor
From The Chair
The Sunshine Laws
and the Baltimore Development Corporation

The Condemnation Landscape Across the Country Post-Kelo - A Maryland Perspective
The Need for Foreclosure Process Uniformity
The Sellerís Obligation
to Disclosure Latent Defects in a Residential Real Estate Transaction

The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure

2007 Maryland Pro
Bono Service Awards

Nominations for Distinguished Practitioner Award


Ronald S. Deutsch, Esq.

    I hope everyone had a great 2006.  The past year has seen many changes impacting the real estate practitioner and 2007 promises to bring even more.  In this edition of Ground Rules we have attempted to bring articles on topics that interest the readership.  I truly appreciate the efforts of all the authors who have taken the time to write for this issue.  Many opportunities exist in future editions, for those who wish to publish articles of interest to the Section.  If you are interested, please contact me at

    Wishing you all great health, happiness and prosperity for 2007.

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