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The Sunshine Laws
and the Baltimore Development Corporation

The Condemnation Landscape Across the Country Post-Kelo - A Maryland Perspective
The Need for Foreclosure Process Uniformity
The Seller’s Obligation
to Disclosure Latent Defects in a Residential Real Estate Transaction

The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure

2007 Maryland Pro
Bono Service Awards

Nominations for Distinguished Practitioner Award


The Maryland Pro Bono Service Awards are statewide awards honoring outstanding attorneys and non-attorneys who have made a significant contribution to the delivery of pro bono civil legal services to Maryland’s poor. The service may have been made through litigation, legal/ legislative advocacy, or any other means that extend needed legal services to low-income persons.

Nominations will be accepted for the following categories:

• Individuals
• Members of the judiciary
• Pro bono agencies or programs
• Law firms
• Government or corporate legal departments
• Special projects
• Non-legal or organizational involvement

If someone you know has made an impact, please consider nominating them for one of these awards. Information and an application will also be made available on our website www.probonomd.org.

For more information contact:
Pro Bono Resource Center
410.837.9379/ 800.396.1274 or jmoseley@probonomd.org.

Application deadline is Monday April 2, 2007.

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