During the 2018 MSBA Section and Committee Leadership Orientation held September 24 at Maryland Live! Casino & Hotel in Hanover, MSBA President Judge Keith R. Truffer led MSBA’s executive staff in fielding questions from volunteer leadership concerning the changes taking place at the MSBA. Watch the Q&A in the playlist on this page, or by clicking on each question below:

1 Has the MSBA staff been cut?
2 Why have there been issues working with the staff if it hasn’t been cut?
3 When will the website be finished?
4 Why wasn’t there a comment period for the new discussion list rules?
5 Can I advertise non MSBA CLE Courses if the MSBA doesn’t offer equivalent courses?
6 Have we changed how Committees communicate with the MSBA staff?
7 Can we offer special lower rates to entice government lawyers to join the MSBA?
8 How do we compare to other state bars in how many lawyers choose to join our bar?