The June/July Issue 

In this issue, explore A2JC’s new Housing Data Dashboard, learn about how a local civil legal aid organization improves the lives of its LGBTQ+ clients, access to justice and reproductive rights and how legal technology companies are clamoring to fill the justice gap.

A2J Commission News

A2J launches new Housing Data Dashboard!

The lack of civil justice data is a barrier to access to justice. For too long, data related to one of the most voluminous types of cases in the civil justice system – eviction – has not been publicly available in a meaningful way for communities, advocates and leaders to use for policy decisions. The Maryland Access to Justice Commission has worked to improve access to civil justice data. In addition to the Civil Justice Data Dashboard and Story Map, it has now developed this Housing Data Dashboard so that existing data related to a legal case and eviction can be at our fingertips in real-time. This Housing Data Dashboard visualizes data compiled by the Maryland Judiciary to make it easy to see monthly and year over year trends and makes it possible to compare the data across counties and against statewide numbers. This Dashboard will also be useful in evaluating the new Access to Counsel in Eviction Law, which makes it possible for all income-qualified persons facing an eviction to have access to an attorney.

A2JC at BNIA’s Data Week

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission will be presenting a session at this year’s Data Week put on by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA). On Thursday, July 21, 2022, A2JC will conduct a session to overview the features of the Housing Data Dashboard. Also, A2JC applied to conduct a discussion on Civil Justice Data & Social Justice at BNIA’s in-person Data Day “Unconference” on Friday, July 22.

Please join us in welcoming five new A2J Commissioners! As the new fiscal year started on July 1, 2022, A2JC is proud to welcome a slate of new Commissioners to the Commission!

Jason DeLoach, MSBA President-Elect

Jeniece Jones, Public Justice Center

Renee Hutchins, UMD Carey Law School

Shuaa Tajammul, MSBA BoG

Lauren Lake, MSBA YLS Chair-Elect


Local A2J News

National A2J News

  • A2J & Justice Tech. A handful of states are starting to tinker with regulation to allow for stratification of the legal profession to increase access to justice. Technology companies are not waiting, however. According to a 2022 report entitled “Justice Tech for All: How Technology Can Ethically Disrupt the U.S. Justice System,” investors have poured nearly $80 million into more than 100 early stage justice tech startups in about the last 10 years. But without a regulatory framework, states and tech companies are clashing in courts.
  • A2J Expansion Efforts. In a recent episode of the ABA’s LegalRebels Podcast, Rebecca L. Sandefur, a professor and director at Arizona State University discusses the recent ruling in the Upsolve lawsuit which touched on nonlawyer legal assistance, justice tech tools, and their role in the fight for access to justice. The full episode is available via LSC’s Legal Talk Network.