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The March/April Issue

In this month’s A2J Dispatch, we celebrate some of our legislative wins including additional funding for Maryland’s Access to Counsel in Evictions law, we highlight the work of some of A2JC’s Committees; we revisit the issue of tax sales and their impact on vulnerable communities; we explore legal Ai tools in the legal services space, and we learn about MDCourt’s Guide & File Tool for Self-Represented Litigants, all this and more in this month’s issue of the A2JC Dispatch.

A2J Commission News

  • Join Us at the MSBA Legal Summit in Ocean City! Mark your Calendars for these programs at the MSBA Legal Summit in Ocean City! Over the past two years, the Access to Justice Commission has secured more than $40M to ensure Maryland’s most vulnerable citizens have access to attorneys. You can help support this important work by joining us for this fun, family-friendly event. A draft of the 2023 Legal Summit Program Schedule is now available! Also this year, the DLS Committee is hosting a session at the MSBA Legal Summit. Engage with a moderated panel of experts and practitioners sharing practical tips for building an inclusive practice that is accessible to all, with an emphasis on reducing barriers for people with disabilities. Come away with a list of low-cost, easily implemented, concrete strategies and resources for your practice.
  • MDCourts Implement Key Recommendation from the Consumer Protection Committee of the COVID-19 Task Force. Recommendations from joint the COVID-19 Task Force continue to improve access to justice for marylanders that come into contact with the civil justice system! Back in 2021 the Consumer Protection Committee of the COVID-19 Task Force made a number of recommendations including a changes to update the notice on the back of the court Complaint form (which is among the first documents received by a debtor when they are sued in District Court). With the new changes incorporated, the updated Complaint form now provides consumers with crucial information that explains the burden of proof, provides information about free help, and informs consumers about the consequences for failing to appear.

Tips from Maryland Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department. We are pleased to offer recurring content from the Maryland Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department as part of the A2J Dispatch.

  • MDCourts Guide & File Tool and Self-Represented Litigants. Did you know there was an easy way for self-represented litigants to keep complete court forms? Maryland Guide & File is a tool developed by the Maryland Courts that guides the user through a series of plain language questions called an “interview.” Like TurboTax, the interview uses the person’s answers to generate a complete packet of forms. The interview includes links to definitions and helpful information. When the user is done, the program automatically generates all the forms needed, along with detailed instructions on what to do next. Completed forms can be filed with the court. Some forms can be e-filed directly from the application. To give it a try, visit

Local A2J News

  • DC Courts and Pro Bono. The DC Courts announced the hiring of its first-ever pro bono program manager, Jodie Feldman. With more than two decades of pro bono experience Feldman will help shape the role and expand the availability of pro bono and affordable legal services to D.C. litigants, she plans to use her new role and her passion for pro bono services to bridge the gap between lawyers who want to help and litigants who need legal services.


National News