The Maryland Bar Foundation (MBF) convened its Annual Meeting on June 14, 2018, at Lighthouse Sound in Bishopville, Maryland.

The Hon. J. Frederick Motz (left) receives the 2018 H. Vernon Eney Endowment Fund Award.


Key orders of business included the induction of new MBF Fellows as well as the presentation of the Foundation’s prestigious Edward F. Shea, Jr. Professionalism Award to Towson attorney Robert K. Erdman, and the H. Vernon Eney Endowment Fund Award to the Hon. J. Frederick Motz.

Robert K. Erdman (center) received the 2018 Edward F. Shea, Jr. Professionalism Award.


The MBF Fellows Class of 2018 included:

  • Heather L. Akehurst-Krause
  • Philip M. Andrews
  • Hon. Amy J. Bills
  • Joseph B. Chazen
  • Joey Tsu-Yi Chen
  • Julie B. Christopher
  • Lauri E. Cleary
  • Hon. Mimi R. Cooper
  • Hon. John F. Fader, II
  • Hon. Matthew J. Fader
  • Monica G. Harms
  • Philip Gregory Hilton
  • Mala Malhotra-Ortiz
  • Jared M. McCarthy
  • Rhian McGrath
  • Christine H. Murphy
  • Alexandra L. Paradise
  • Hilary B. Ruley
  • Carl R. Schlaich
  • Carol Ann Smith
  • Yolanda F. Sonnier
  • JaCina N. Stanton
  • Hon. Michael S. Studdard
  • Christopher R. vanRoden
  • Lauren M. Waltrop
  • Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum
  • Whitney E. Wilder
  • Steven F. Wrobel

Approximately 185 people attended the event.


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