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MSBA is thrilled to announce the release of Maryland Cannabis Laws and Regulations. Drafted in partnership with LexisNexis, this resource offers an in-depth overview of the laws governing the cannabis industry and other issues related to cannabis within the state.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Maryland Cannabis Laws and Regulations serves as a comprehensive reference for the legal framework surrounding medical and recreational cannabis in Maryland and includes statutes and the Code of Maryland Regulations.

The foreword, written by MSBA member Jonathan Havens, Esq., and Qiara Butler, offers historical insight into Maryland’s cannabis legislation.  Mr. Haven is Managing Partner at Saul Ewing LLP and serves as co-chair of Saul Ewing’s Cannabis Law Practice and its Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Practice, while Ms. Butler was a 2023 summer associate with Saul Ewing and is a fourth-year evening student at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Why Practitioners Need Maryland Cannabis Laws and Regulations

The need for a complete guide to Maryland’s cannabis laws and regulations cannot be overstated, especially given the recent changes in state law.  In 2022, Maryland voters approved a referendum legalizing recreational cannabis for adults over the age of 21; prior to this change, Maryland strictly regulated cannabis, which could only be used for medical purposes.

As the legal landscape surrounding cannabis continues to develop, it is essential for practitioners and individuals involved in the cannabis industry to stay informed. Maryland Cannabis Laws and Regulations serves as a vital tool to ensure that legal professionals, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders are well-versed in Maryland’s cannabis body of law.

For those who have been waiting to explore the world of recreational cannabis in Maryland, this resource will provide a solid foundation for understanding the rights and responsibilities that come with these new freedoms. It’s not just about being able to enjoy cannabis recreationally; it’s also about being aware of the laws and regulations that govern its use, sale, and cultivation.

Mr. Havens notes in his foreword, “It has been an exciting decade of cannabis in Maryland. With a number of programmatic changes on the horizon, the next 10 years look like they will be at least as interesting as the last 10.” Maryland Cannabis Laws and Regulations will help you navigate the state’s complex cannabis laws and regulations as they continue to evolve. Whether you’re a practitioner, business owner, or simply someone curious about the world of cannabis in Maryland, it is a must-have reference.

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